In April during the Easter/ANZAC break, the staff at BIA were hard at work all over the site, fixing, maintaining, filing, moving and even painting! The whole team was involved.  Just some of the activities saw Jeff and Ray spending time repairing the floors and laying new tiles; Mel doing the huge job of putting down new hi-vis line markings; Charles and Ray painting the place, including new lines outside, driveway signage and fixed leaks (or at least, trying to!); Jeff moved the Dri-Lube machine; Justin and Mel climbed high to fix ceilings; whilst Jasmine, Nic and Gill ploughed through mountains of paperwork. Upon Damian Baquie’s return, he was delighted to see the new TV and computer were both installed by Charles.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all those involved as it certainly made the place more presentable, and hopefully we are able to identify all the places where the work was done.