Our association with BIA started almost 10 years ago, when we were looking to outsource a simple regular task that could easily be done offsite.

Since then, our relationship has grown substantially, whereby a significant part of our processing work is done and dispatched from the BIA site on a daily basis.

We also have a number of supported workers who work at our site on a daily basis (from three to six workers), and work side by side with our staff completing routine warehouse and packaging tasks.

The benefits to us are enormous. We can manage our fluctuating workload without bringing in casual staff, and we also have many simple, repetitive tasks that we were having trouble keeping our staff focused on: these tasks are now completed by BIA staff.

The BIA staff seem to thrive on the challenge, and enjoy working at a different work site. In fact they often complain if they

‘haven’t been on the roster recently’! On a personal level, our staff derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing the supported workers being able to successfully integrate into our workplace, and enjoy working alongside the BIA crew.

We are always able to work through any challenges or problems that arise due
to the long standing, open and honest relationship that has been established between us and BIA. Overall we would highly recommend BIA!!




We have been using Brunswick Industries to fill, label and pack our environmental chemistries over the last year.

We have been consistently impressed with their service and professionalism. They do a professional job and using their service has saved us time and money.



Best thing we ever did. BIA has freed up our time to concentrate on sales.  There were some early teething problems (as could be expected) but the management team listened to our concerns and implemented solutions to our satisfaction.

We are very happy with the BIA team. Well done!



Finally found a great organisation dedicated to providing affordable quality services to businesses and as an added bonus they are doing their bit for the community in providing job opportunities and experience to people with disabilities.

What a fantastic concept! I am so proud to tell people that my products are assembled at Brunswick Industries and I spread the word to everyone I meet.

Keep up the great work!



Jason and his team are a pleasure to work with.

They are extremely professional and responsive to our needs and we hope that our successful cooperation will continue in the future as our business expands.



Enoteca Sileno have been working with BIA since 2004 and found them to be a great organisation to work with.

We have asked them to do several different jobs and whatever we have asked, they have accomplished with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Jason, Lisa and all the staff make BIA an easy organisation to recommend to other companies looking for work to be done for them. We at Enoteca hope to continue this long association for many
years to come.


Enoteca Sileno



The Rotary Club of Brunswick was instrumental in setting up a sheltered workshop for people with a disability.

In 1970 the club raised more than $10,000 to purchase the block of land adjacent to 3 Syme Street to enable the facility to expand, and in 1973, with support from the Brunswick Lions Club, they again stepped up and raised $14,000 to build a new onsite canteen.

Brunswick Industries Association Incorporated recognises the huge contribution made by the Rotary Club of Brunswick and appreciates the continuing strong relationship.


We acknowledge the assistance of our many supporters and we’d be grateful if you could support their business or projects, should the opportunity arise. Their support contributes to the ongoing development of our facilities and workforce. You, and/or your business can become part of this dynamic organisation by joining as a member, supporter or sponsor. In return, you’ll walk away with that ‘good community-minded citizen’ feeling, knowing that your contribution is helping to deliver an important service to the community. Your contribution is recognised as an eligible tax deduction. If you would like more information about supporting Brunswick Industries, please contact our CEO Jason Beamish on (03) 9380 7444.

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