Commitment To Quality


BIA values quality and is committed to continuous improvement via our Quality Management System providing a framework for measuring and improving our performance. BIA complies with all relative legislation, codes of practice and industry guidelines.


BIA has the following systems and procedures in place to support our objectives:


  1. To meet the ISO 9001 :2015 Quality Management Standards
  2. Fostering strong relationships with our customers by effective communication and encouraging feedback
  3. Training and development of workers & staff
  4. Documented quality objectives and targets which are reviewed by management through annual internal audits as part of the Quality Management System
  5. Our workforce aims to improve the overall quality of BIA’s products and services
  6. Management reviews all aspects of the Quality Management System to ensure its effectiveness  and continual improvement


All operational procedures are located in BIA’s Operations Manual available for review in electronic and hard copy forms


This policy is displayed and made available to all employees, customers & contractors. Quality is the responsibility of our workforce helping to embed high standards across the entire Association